Thor 660 is a 60% size wireless mechanical keyboard shortened by a numeric block, arrow keys and a row of function keys. The ultra-fast response time of The Gateron Brown switches delivers incredible gaming performance, and a lifespan of up to 50 million presses which is a guarantee of durability for years to come. The impressive chassis combined with RGB lighting and PRISMO effect will make any  gaming station look professional.

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Thor 660 is a 60% size wireless mechanical keyboard shortened by a numeric block, arrow keys and a row of function keys. The ultra-fast response time of The Gateron Brown switches delivers incredible gaming performance, and a lifespan of up to 50 million presses which is a guarantee of durability for years to come. The impressive chassis combined with RGB lighting and PRISMO effect will make any  gaming station look professional.


The Thor 660 keyboard is a functional design highlighted by stunning PRISMO RGB lighting. The "Pudding PBT" keycaps further enhance the colour depth of the backlight, making your stand awe-inspiring not only at night, but also during the day. Choose your favourite option from 19 backlight modes and win in truly stunning style!


The incredibly precise Gateron Brown mechanical switches feature fast response time, an extremely low click actuation point of 2.0 mm and a actuation force of only 55 g. Bet on reliability and always be one step ahead of your opponent!


The keyboard has a dual connectivity mode, thanks to which it offers both the option of wired connection via USB-C cable and wireless via Bluetooth. The wireless connection is characterized by extremely low latency, which will guarantee extremely effective gaming on the highest-level. Thor 660 will allow you to connect to up to three Bluetooth devices at the same time, and the built-in 3000 mAh battery will allow you to enjoy freedom of movement for many hours on a single charge.


The Thor 660 keyboard is equipped with "Pudding PBT" keycaps, which, in addition to beautifully exposing the backlight, guarantee durability for many years of use. The caps are made using double shot technology. This process is based on injecting two colour variants into the mould, which allows for an exceptional two-colour finish and a high level of resistance.


An important element of every professional gaming keyboard are stabilizers, which are responsible for the correct movement of large keys. Therefore, Thor 660 is equipped with the highest quality factory lubricated stabilizers from Gateron, which guarantee smoothness of key movement and incredible precision. Specialized grease applied to the stabilizers reduces noise and eliminates squeaks and increases the smoothness of movement when pressing the keys.


The keyboard is equipped with the N-Key rollover function, i.e. full Anti-Ghosting. Thanks to this, regardless of how many keys you press at once, the device will precisely read each button you press and instantly send the signal from the keyboard to the computer.


Thor 660 is available in two colour variants: black and white. Thanks to this, you can match the keyboard to your gaming stand and create a unique atmosphere.


Thor 660 is equipped with many function keys that provide the user with access to the basic functions found in full-size keyboards. Application management becomes extremely simple and intuitive. With just one move, you can change the songs and their volume, as well as launch applications such as mail or calculator.


Thor 660 works with dedicated software that allows you to fully personalize the settings of the device. Choose your favourite RGB lighting mode, build a deadly combo, and set up macros and profiles. Thanks to the built-in memory, the device will remember all your settings, which means that even after connecting the keyboard to other equipment, you do not have to set it up again.

Technical data
293 mm
102 mm
39 mm
588 g
User manuals
User manual - Genesis Thor 660.pdf
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