16000 DPI PMW3389
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The best PMW3389 sensor

The heart of the rodent is one of the best PMW3389 sensors available on the market, which is responsible for maximum accuracy, speed, and control of the game. Characterized by the best performance, it boasts a resolution of up to 16,000 DPI, 50G acceleration and tracking speed up to 400 IPS. Such a specification is a guarantee that the sensor will not get lost even with the fastest mouse movements during a sophisticated game.

Ultra light

With holes to reduce the weight as much as possible. Weighing only 58 grams, Xenon 800 is one of the lightest mice available on the market providing maximum control and the incredible possibility of rapid movements. Never before has a mouse ever interacted with your muscle memory. No more overworking of your wrist. Aim faster, more accurately and with comfort for a long time.

Adjust LOD at 3 levels

Sensor Genesis Xenon 800 allows you to use the software to set LOD in 3 levels giving greater control over the cursor when playing at low DPI and the ability to quickly move the mouse in the air. You do not have to lift it high above the pad to get rid of unwanted cursor movement. The sensor cut-off can be set in 3 levels, thanks to which you can accurately calibrate LOD to your preferences to a millimetre, maximizing comfort during gaming.

Exceptional design with RGB

The holes in the mouse not only reduce its weight, but also ensure a distinctive and impressive design. Slim silhouette together with effective configurable RGB backlight available in 9 modes gives a unique atmosphere and enhances the aesthetic appearance of your stand.

Up to 6 programmable buttons

Your mouse - Your decisions how it is to function. Conveniently adjust the operation of all 6 buttons and enjoy the full compatibility of the mouse with your vision. As one of few, Xenon 800 allows you to define the scrolling functions up and down, which guarantees full control over the mouse.

Adjust the button height to change DPI

You can change DPI at any time using the dedicated button located under the scroll wheel. There are as many as 7 different profiles that you can configure in the software beforehand. In Xenon 800 you can adjust the height and colour of the button to your preferences, thanks to the additional caps included. Each element matters. Set each element for yourself.

Weight adjustment

Xenon 800 has a nicely hidden tray with up to 12 weights under the removeable panel, thanks to which you can adjust the weight of the mouse according to your preferences. The range at your disposal is 58 - 79 g, providing a wide spectrum of possibilities in terms of load regulation and mouse adjustment exactly as you need it.

Scroll wheel polished to perfection

Feel every single click of the scroll wheel thanks to a clear offset and feel confident in controlling its work. In combination with careful grooves and the ability to program the 'Scroll Up' and 'Scroll Down' functions - we get one of the best, most polished mouse scroll wheels.

Ergonomic shape

Constructed to be held as surely as possible. Xenon 800 has been adapted for right-handed people, taking into account the arrangement of the fingers and the characteristics of the muscles of the right hand. A sure grip and convenience that allows for long hours of gaming guarantee comfortable development of your skills.

Interchangeable top panel

The set includes two panels - one with holes, the other one without - so that you have the power to choose at any time and select the top of the mouse that is more suitable for you. The possibility of opening the inside allows you not only to adjust the weight, but also to quickly and comfortably get inside the mouse to clean it without removing a single screw.

Top materials with OMRON switches

The mouse has been built on the basis of the best components that have been fitted together with surgical precision, that makes you appreciate the flawlessness of the equipment. The main OMRON switches adapted to the function they are supposed to fulfil guarantee an instant click readout and a lifetime of up to 20 million clicks, which guarantees the mouse’s durability for years.

An additional set of feet included

A great, smooth slide is provided by high-quality Teflon feet, which perfectly cooperate with each pad, ensuring comfort during fast, aggressive movements. They are one of the best feet installed in mice. You will find the second set in the packaging so that you can quickly replace them in the event of any wear.

Unnoticeable, super light and flexible cable

Even lighter. Even softer. Even more flexible. Xenon 800 is equipped with a cable that does not restrict movement and is not felt during virtual games. Made of a special, light, and flexible fabric it guarantees a much higher comfort of using the mouse than in the case of traditional rubber or even textile cables.

Advanced software

Xenon 800 reaches its full potential only with dedicated software that allows you to customize the operation of buttons in Polish or English, calibrate RGB backlight the way you like it best, and configure profiles and macros. To facilitate its use, the mouse has a built-in memory, thanks to which you will save the settings even after connecting it to another PC.

Technical data
Product specification
Maximum resolution 16000 DPI
Included Accessories Weights
Programmable buttons Yes
Illumination color RGB
Sensor model PixArt PMW 3389
Sampling frequency 1 000 Hz
Specialized For Gamers
Maximum tracking speed 400 inch/s
Glide type Teflon
Features Durable OMRON switches, Adjusting the mouse's weight
Functions DPI adjustment, Profiles Available, Macros Available
Weight 58 g
Acceleration 50 G
Number of programmable buttons 8
Additional features Swappable chassis, Weight regulation
Colour Black
Power supply USB (5V)
Number of buttons 6
Resolution 200 - 16000 DPI
Sensor Optical
Communication Wired
Illumination Yes
Cable length 180 cm
Connectors USB Type-A
Supported Operating Systems Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows 10, Linux, Android 4.2.2
Height 43 mm
Width 66 mm
Length 120 mm
EAN 5901969426007
Catalog number NMG-1629