Genesis Silicon 800 is thermal paste that will live up to the expectations of powerful PCs owners, whose systems are built from components that require exceptional solutions to achieve optimal working temperatures.


To meet those high-demands Silicon 800 grease possesses high thermal conductivity, low thermal resistance, does not conduct electricity, does not corrode and does not require curing time – it achieves optimal thermal performance from the very first power-up cycle of a given component, on which the paste has been applied.


Due to the use of handy syringe, application and storage won’t be a problem even for less experienced users. Included inside the package, users can find a spreader, which helps to spread grease more evenly on applied surface. In most cases, however, applying a small drop (the size of rice grain or smaller – depends of surface area) in the center of cooling system, will work out perfectly.

Technical data
Product specification
Volume 1 ml
Construction Paste applicator
Features Nonconducting, Does not corrode
Relative density 2.1
Thermal conductivity 11 W/mK
Colour Gray
EAN 5901969412994
Catalog number NTG-1326