THE THOR 420 is a low-profile mechanical keyboard
THE THOR 420 is a low-profile mechanical keyboard
date of publication: 17.03.2020

THE THOR 420 is a low-profile mechanical keyboard in shiny aluminum.

After several months of waiting for a new keyboard from Genesis, we are launching something that we have been working on for a very long time, working out the smallest details. Something that will please demanding players, but also create confusion among competitors.

We decided to move the premiere of Thor 420 in time. We had to prepare everything carefully so as not to disappoint even the most demanding gamers. And be sure that this product will meet their expectations by 100 %.

Thor 420 is a keyboard that supports your performance.

We had been dreaming to give the users of our new keyboard an unfair advantage over their opponents, and ... we succeeded. We have reduced the required distance to activate the device as much as possible and combined this with the ultra-low pressure force that is needed for this – only 45g. We decided that this is not enough for us, so we also reduced the reaction time to a minimum, and the all is completed with low-profile and modern, blue mechanical switches.

Made to impress you with its design.

It has been designed by experts so that every inch of it will charm your eye. It’s well known that the keyboard can turn a normal gamers setup into a masterpiece, where you sit down with pride and excitement, and this one leads to more motivation to overcome your weaknesses and strive for new skills. Brushed, shiny aluminum. Advanced illumination and low-profile design. These features make the Thor 420 the undisputed difference that decorates your desk.

Fly over the race with Thor 420.

We are happy to finally provide you with a completed keyboard. Technologically advanced. Beautiful and adapted to your expectations.

We are proud to present the low-profile Thor 420 keyboard to the world.