Rhod 420 RGB keyboard
Rhod 420 RGB keyboard
date of publication: 01.08.2019

Rhod 420 RGB keyboard

If the keyboard is good for you, you want to use it as long as possible. Does this mean that you have to handle it like an egg? Not with the Rhod 420 RGB!

All thanks to the fact that we have packed the keyboard components in a solid, aluminum housing that can withstand a lot. Believe us, you'll spend a lot of time at Rhod 420; thanks to the medium high keystrokes, the keyboard works not only for gaming, but also for everyday computer use.


Is there a game that requires you to press all keys at once? Of course not. That is why we are convinced that the anti-ghosting on 19 buttons used in Rhod 420 RGB is enough to be able to effectively dominate your opponents. In addition, the keyboard has a Windows key lock function, so you don't have to worry about the unfortunate missclick throwing you to the desktop.

Lord of light

Six-zone backlight with RGB effect, seven color combinations, nine light modes, including the PRISMO effect - there is no doubt that the Rhod 420 will really brighten your room! Did it get too bright? Adjust the backlight intensity to suit your needs or just turn it off! You decide how to use your own keyboard!

Multimedia command center

Rhod 420 was created with your comfort in mind, that's why we've done everything to help you get the most out of your keyboard. Hence, among others intuitive and easy access to multimedia controlled by the key combination FN + F1 - F12. Do you want to change the volume of game sounds? Do not stop the game, just do it with the help of Rhod 420! Or maybe you are so used to using WASD buttons that you almost forgot about the arrows? Thanks to our keyboard you can quickly change the functions of these keys! (FN + W)