date of publication: 21.08.2019

Nitro 790

When choosing a gaming chair, are you not going to compromise and expect the best from it? In that case, you must check the Nitro 790

What should characterize a premium class armchair? It must first and foremost be comfortable, functional and durable. Added to this is a whole lot of smaller elements that significantly affect the comfort of use. Sounds great? So keep reading!

For short and high

Our new armchairs give you even more freedom to adjust the seat to your height. You can also change the position of the armrests by placing them in one of four directions. Tired? Change the angle of the backrest to 165 ° and lie down comfortably; you will need a moment of relaxation after a few hours of playing.


As befits a good gaming chair, the Nitro 790 has a rocking function; how else could you relax after a long and nervous game? What's more, thanks to the new FROG mechanism, you can lock this mode at any time; adjust the seat angle to make it as comfortable as possible.


Such strong men are not often found! The Nitro 790 has a solid, metal structure and a class 4 gas lift with a load capacity of up to 150 kg - our seats will carry a lot. As if that wasn't enough, we filled the inside of the armchairs with cold foam, more resistant and more durable than other materials of this type. The foam itself is covered by ecological leather - it not only looks great, but effectively protects Nitro from damage.

We remember about details

Details also make their mark on premium armchairs. In the case of the Nitro 790 they include two pillows - headrest and lumbar - filled with memory foam panic, which will remember the shape of your body. Another example: wheels. Thanks to the fact that we have covered them with plastic, they do not scratch the surface - so you can ride an armchair around your room at will!