New Titan series case
New Titan series case
date of publication: 01.07.2019

New Titan Series Cases

When it comes to our philosophy, gaming is not only about accessories – the concept has a much broader meaning. What's more, we know that Titan computer cases are one of our most popular products. This is why we decided to expand our case offer with new Titan 700, 750, and 800 models.

Here’s the first surprise: we added pre-installed fans with 33 LEDs to each case model. That’s not all, however. When buying a Titan 750 or 800 case, you will be able to select fans in one of three colors: red, blue, or green!

Just Look at those Lights

We are adding light effects to fans, so giving the ability to peek inside of the case is only logical, right? It’s not a surprise, then, that we are mounting transparent side panels in our cases. Additionally, all of the new Genesis cases are also equipped with acrylic front panels.

Game on What You Want

You are no strangers to our cases, so you probably know that in terms of space inside of our products we will not let you down. You want to install a liquid-cooling system or a good graphics card? No problem! The Titan cases will fit most components.

A Secret to Longevity

This is not all, however, because we decided to implement additional elements, which will increase the cases’ quality. Our products boast special power supply chambers, for example. These enhance air circulation, translating into an expanded component life!