Microphone Radium 600 - for streamers!
Microphone Radium 600 - for streamers!
date of publication: 29.08.2019

Microphone Radium 600 - for streamers!

For many years we support Internet bloggers, trying to provide them devices, that increase the technical quality of their videos. A high quality sound is a key! After all, you do not want to scare the potential audience with noises and unpleasant spikes? So don't hesitate and invest in our new microphone Radium 600.

Your voice – Your power

Are you familiar with „cardioid polaryzation”? This definition is well-known to streamers, so it is worth to get acquainted with it! Such function has a great influence on the quality of the recordable sound and allows to eliminate background noises. The Radium 600 capsule has been designed to guarantee the right tone. So, show fans the power of your voice! Believe us, they won’t stop listening to you!!!

What the streamer wants to keep for himself?

If you want to stream, you have to be prepared for everything. What if someone calls during the transmission? Obviously, you don't want fans to hear your private conversation. Run to the other room? Spend extra precious seconds searching for a quiet place? If you have a Radium 600, just click on the button "mute" and no problem! However, remember to earlier politely apologize to the audience and assure them that after a while you will return.

All under control

The creator, focused on recording on YouTube, can freely edit his material before throwing it on the channel. The streamer is in the worst situation. Fortunately, the Radium 600 allows you to control the sensitivity and volume of the sound, so you can influence the quality of the transmission during the stream.

Your own game team

As a streamer, you’ll surly meet a lot of new people: you'll make friends and maybe even get an offer to collaborate with other creators. So, what about the stream together with friends? Great idea! But you probably want to record on your equipment? To make things easier for you, we've included a suitcase to the Radium 600. All you have to do is pack your microphone, move it to the spot, and record a brilliant material!

Compact, ready... explosive?

Is it another interesting definition? Have you ever heard of "explosive" consonants? A consonant produced by stopping the flow of air at some point and suddenly releasing it. It's not a pleasant effect, so we equipped the Radium 600 with pop-filter that eliminates this sound. Moreover, the metal construction of the device is protected by the special sponge. All these factors contribute to the fact that streaming will become not only easier and more professional, but in addition, you won’t look for a new microphone for a long time.