Keypad Thor 100 RGB
Keypad Thor 100 RGB
date of publication: 22.08.2019

Keypad Thor 100 RGB

It is known that a mechanic is the best keyboard for players. Some prefer full-size models, others reach for those without a numeric keypad. And how about the third option, which is gaining more and more popularity among gamers? Of course, these are keypads, whose representative is our Thor 100 RGB.

Why should you consider reaching for the keypad? First of all, it is more convenient to use than a regular keyboard, perfectly shaped for the hand and with a comfortable palm rest; it also doesn't take up as much space as a traditional mechanic. Because of your size, it's easier to take the scum to your friends' party - after all, you won't be playing someone else's mechanics, right?

Players know what is good

However, apart from all the keypad features, the Thor 100 RGB is simply a great gaming keyboard. Its high quality is mainly influenced by Outemu RED mechanical switches - the most universal and popular switches. The fact that players reach for them so often is caused by, among others little force needed to activate; and we all know that speed is very important in online skirmishes.

One-button technique

Compact sizes do not mean that Thor 100 RGB cannot use the advanced software; after all, the keypad is supposed to make playing easier, and for that you need functional software. This implemented in our device allows you to assign any function to each button. You can also set a macro under a specific key and launch the murderous combination at the right time!

Everything in your hands

Instead of using macros, do you prefer to take matters into your own hands? Then you will be pleased to hear that Thor 100 RGB has the N-Key Rollover function. Press as many keys at once as you like & ndash; the device will register each activated button, and you will be sure that the fate of the game will depend only on your skills!

He's setting an example

Like a mechanical keyboard for players, it is known that it must have a backlight. Light effects have ceased to be seen as a superfluous feast; all you have to do is try to play at night with the lights off to appreciate this feature. Thor 100 RGB lets you set one of ten light modes! Illuminated keys glaring your eyes? Darken them! You decide about the level of brightness, speed or effects directions!