Hybrid mouse Genesis Xenon 770 MMO/FPS
Hybrid mouse Genesis Xenon 770 MMO/FPS
date of publication: 07.11.2019

Genesis Xenon 770

Every solid gaming equipment must meet certain criteria and be as the best support for the user during his gameplays! Do you want to have a device created for special missions?

Xenon 770 is designed to ensure the user that regardless of the gameplay, he can "pass" the game by its own rules. Its high quality optical sensor and software provide comfort and precision of movement, that is very important during the game.


The device is equipped with software that allows you to save macros and assign different functions. Its design is ideal for MMO and FPS games, and moreover the mouse is water-repellent.

Mouse for special missions

What would a real mouse be for a player without unique buttons and RGB? The Xenon 770 has 2 removable side panels that allow you to change the grip as well as a number of buttons. It has a standard panel, as well as a panel with nine additional buttons, created for MMO games.