Date of publication: 21.11.2019


Genesis Holm 300 RGB is a unique gaming desk, thanks to which you will have all of the necessary accessories at hand, ready for your next battle. Thanks to the built-in backlight, you can create a unique setup worthy of a true gamer!

Gaming Companion for years

No matter how fierce the struggle, Genesis Holm 300 RGB will prove to be a reliable gaming companion. Stable, solid and sturdy construction combined with large surface create a comfortable environment for many hours of shootouts. Surface of the desk is made of high-quality durable MDF board covered with protective carbon fibre that distinguishes Genesis Holm 300 RGB from common gaming desks available on the market. Specifically designed for gamers who prefer large mousepads.


In addition, a convenient shelf for the monitor is designed to improve the ergonomics of gaming. Thanks to this, the monitor does not take up much space on the desk. Placing the monitor at the right height will allow you to get the right posture, relieving eye and neck fatigue during long games. If you don’t want to use it, you can remove the shelf or put it back.

Charger and USB ports always at hand

The desk is equipped with three USB 3.0 ports and cable glands for connecting peripherals and organizing cables. Now your keyboard and mouse will never get tangled in a thicket of wires. There is also a wireless charger on the table, allowing you to wirelessly charge mobile devices.

Perfectly organised

With Genesis Holm 300 RGB there is a place for all of your for typical gaming accessories, such as headphone holder, gamepads stand and even a cup holder. The cup holders have a universal mounting, so you can put them in a convenient place for you. Under the desk there is a shelf for the extension cord and wiring that makes it easier to keep things organised. At the front of the desk you can mount a shelf to store some essentials such as your favourite snacks.

Unique backlight

The most distinguishable feature of Genesis Holm 300 RGB desk from other conventional desks is fully controllable LED backlight with various modes and effects. With the included remote control, you can change the colours, modes, speed and brightness of the backlight, creating an amazing atmosphere that will take you in to the virtual world. The backlight is mounted under the table so it does not conflict with the backlight of the accessories located on the top however it incredibly illuminates the space around the table.