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Laser and optical mouse - what’s the difference?

This mostly depends on the player’s preference and his playing style. Optical mouse will be more useful for players which prefers playing on low sensitivity, while for others it will be better to use a laser mouse. Laser mice are better, but also more expensive.

Everything depends on the player demands.


Mouse for the player - optical or laser?

Main difference is the way of detecting movement. Laser mouses uses laser and optical ones uses LED light. This mainly causes some differences in quality – laser mice are more precise, ensure smoother movement, but also are more expensive.


What is DPI?

Often called a sensitivity of the mouse, the DPI is the number of cursor movement data (the number of traveled pixels on the screen) registered by the sensor at 1 inch physical movement of the mouse. Low dpi means that in order to move the cursor through the entire height of the screen, you need to make a long move with mouse.

High DPI will make you to perform the same movement of the cursor with less movement of mouse.


What are the types of keyboards?

Membrane Keyboards – the most popular type of keyboards. It’s build with three membranes extended under all buttons. At the time of pressing a key membrane is pressed and creates the signal sent to the computer. In addition, membrane keyboards are cheaper to produce and their resistance is much lower than the mechanical keyboards.

Mechanical Keyboards – have a much higher quality than membrane keyboards. Each button has an independent mechanical switch that records pressing. This causes that keys will come back to original position much quicker then in membranes keyboards. Also they are much more ressistant. What is important for the players, this type of keyboards don’t have any restrictions on the number of recording simultaneously pressed keys.


How to connect USB headset to the computer?

First You have to connect it to the USB port in Your computer. Next You have to use the control panel with sound settings in computer and manually select the headset as a used device. After this headset will be fully operational and compatible with the computer.


USB and Jack connection - what’s the difference?

USB headphones have built-in additional sound card on the cable. This allows them to work with computer that is not equipped with a sound card or the card is damaged. In contrast to standard output, jack connection requires an efficient device in Your computer.


What’s the difference between 4-pin Jack and two mini Jack’s?

4-pin Jack sends signal not only to the headphones, but also supports the microphone in one input. This causes no need connecting another cable, specifically for the microphone, as it is in the case with two headphone outputs of Mini Jack.

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