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RX85 RED and BLUE models

Mechanical RX85 Keyboard with Switches

Gamers have already learned to love our RX85 mechanical keyboard. This is why we’ve expand our line of Kailh Brown switch keyboard with new models with Kailh Red and Kailh Blue switches.

Red switches are made for gaming. They require a light force to activate, so they are perfect for gamers that need constant movement, like Overwatch or Counter-Strike: Global Offensive.

Not All About Play

Life is not only about playing. Many gamers also write a lot on their keyboards and they will find the RX85 blue switch version a perfect fit. The characteristic clicking sound and discernible travel translate into a fluid writing experience.

Various Enhancements

Are you playing online and want to change the volume? Instead of pausing the game and wasting valuable time, use a special knob for quick volume configuration. 12 function keys also facilitate a gamer’s life. Are you tired after constant playing? A convenient, profiled wrist support, mounted on the RX85 with magnets, is coming to your rescue.


The RX85 combines a good price with durability. The key prints are inserted with the double-shot injection molding technology, so that the characters will never fade. This means that our keyboard will always look great even after years of use.


You’ve surely felt the frustration, when your system does not read the right key combination? Thanks to the N-key Rollover technology of the RX85, i.e. anti-ghosting for all keys, this problems is once and for all done for. And if sometimes you hit the wrong button and return to the desktop, we are happy to inform you that the RX85 is equipped with a Windows button block function.

Light It Like You Want It

Night owls can breathe easily now: the RX85 has 20 lighting modes, including 8 standard ones and 10 dedicated to games. Additionally, there are 2 configurable keys, which you can adapt to your needs.

Product features:

  • Number of keys: 104
  • Key mechanism: mechanical
  • Switches: Kailh Red and Blue
  • Cord length: 160 cm
  • Anti-ghosting: N-Key Rollover
  • Additional functions: function keys, multimedia keys, wrist support, lighting, volume knob.