GENESIS | Irid 400 gaming PC case
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  • Description

    PC case is very important! A proper one should be distinguished by its features, such as solid construction, spacious interior for high-end components and cable management, functionality, as well as good-looking design. Irid 400 RGB combines all those aspects successfully.  Case itself is equipped with ARGB backlight – 4 fans with PWM function and LED strip on the front panel – controlled via remote using Wi-Fi. Moreover, when we add the list front and side panel made of tempered glass, stylish black colored-construction, toolless storage drive installation and well-thought-out interior, you get a complete product that will meet the demanding users’ expectations.


    Irid 400 RGB is equipped with 4 high-grade fans with ARGB backlight, which are controlled by the fan HUB placed inside of the case. With it, users gain the control over fan backlight and speed. Communication is carried out via remote or buttons placed on the hub’s housing. Remote transmits signals wirelessly – it supports longer range and has wider functionality when compared to its infrared equivalent.
    Fan hub is compatible with motherboards equipped with 3-pin 5V ARGB connectors – Asus, Asrock, Gigabyte and MSI. Additionally, controller has PWM connector, which, after being connected to motherboard, allows for BIOS-level control over fan speed, auto-adjusting it to the temperature of a given PC component.


    A good PC case should provide sufficient airflow, because nobody wants their high-end components running too hot. When it comes to closed front panel constructions, achieving
    an appropriate level of cooling might pose a challenge. Irid 400 RGB boasts both enough airflow and an aesthetically pleasant experience, as a result of having just the right amount of space left, between the front glass panel and the fans. Air is pulled in from the side-panel through dust-filter. If necessary, case can be equipped with additional 12 or 14cm fans. On top of that, there is also room for water-cooling – on the front of the case, up to 280mm.


    Use of high quality, fully painted SPCC steel with 0,7mm thickness translates into stable and durable construction, which will serve you many years. Motherboard tray and PSU shroud have conveniently-placed cable holes and safe-edges to prevent cables from taking any damage. Behind motherboard tray is cable management space– from 10mm in the back, up to 28mm in the front – this makes sorting out the unruly cabling effortless.


    Spacious interior and modern construction make the assembly of internal components, within PC case, convenient and fast. HDD drives can be mounted inside toolless using specially designed frames. Entire HDD cage can be removed and mounted in one of
    2 designated spots – depending on the requirements of hardware configuration.
    Extension slot brackets are screw-secured which allows various configuration changes, without leaving any empty “holes” in the back panel. Interior is efficiently protected from dust using 3 dust-filters installed at the bottom, top and front – which is very important for
    a PC case displaying its interior, so well.

  • Specification

    Warranty information

    • 2-year limited warranty

    Package contents

    • PC case
    • User manual

    Product specification

    Type of casing

    Midi Tower


    ATX, Micro-ATX, mini-ITX

    Number of expansion slots


    Fan Support

    Top 2x 120/140 mm, Front 3x 120 mm or 2x 140 mm, Rear 1x 120/140 mm

    Number of installed fans


    Installed fans

    Front 3x 120 mm ARGB, Rear 1×120 mm

    Maximum CPU cooling height

    180 mm

    The maximum length of the GPU

    395 mm

    Specification are subject to change without notice.

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