GENESIS | Helium 600 2.1 Surround speakers
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    Good sound system can make an exciting game even more attractive. Therefore, it is worth choosing such speakers which are designed purely for players and their needs. The best solution is selecting multi-channel sets with a powerful subwoofer, which provides both loud bass and sound spatial dimension.  Additional functions enabling controlling, or, for example, connecting the console, are also welcomed. The Helium 600 2.1 Surround speakers are precisely like that!


    Subwoofer 30 W RMS is responsible for providing a low level of tones. Thanks to careful construction, a 6.5-inch speaker, wooden enclosure and the application of bass-reflex system at the back part, we receive loud and deep bass. On the side wall of the subwoofer there is an easy-to-use control panel with potentiometers of bass and volume change.


    Helium 600 are also second-high class satellite speakers with the power of RM 15 W, which in the combination with the subwoofer gives a total RMS set power at the level of 60 W. Satellite speakers provide high quality sound in the scope of medium and high waves. Each of the speakers is equipped with membranes with the 3-inch diameter. Owing to the use of magnetic shielding, the speakers do not interfere with other devices.


    The set can also be controlled either through the potentiometers placed on the side panel of the subwoofer, or a handy pilot which apart from a knob of volume change is equipped with the headphone mini-jack sockets and a Smartphone (or tablet). The pilot is connected to the subwoofer by the 1.7 meter long cable and therefore it can be easily placed on our desk in the most convenient place.


    First and foremost, speakers should be functional and guarantee super sound quality. Yet, Genesis does not forget about the fact that the gaming equipment should also be well presented. The Helium 600 set constitutes a combination of up-to-date design and a tinge of stylish classic. Except for an interesting shape, the speakers are covered with glistening black lacquer in Carbon style, while the subwoofer has a stylish wooden enclosure and a design ring around the speaker. In addition, the application of metal bars on the speakers not only protects them from damage but also adds an individual character to them.

  • Specification

    Warranty information

    • 2-year limited hardware warranty

    Package contents

    • 2 x 15W Speakers
    • Subwoofer
    • Wired remote control
    • User manual

    Product specification


    Satelite 2x 15W


    1 x 30W

    Total oputput power

    60W RMS

    Frequency Response

    40 -20000Hz


    Stereo RCA

    Type of power supply


    Functions of wired remote control

    Volume Control, 1x mini jack 3,5mm Input, 1x mini jack 3,5mm Output



    Specification are subject to change without notice.

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