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GENESIS HX55 - The surrounding power of sound

GENESIS HX55 - The surrounding power of sound


H55 is the perfect choice for players who want to feel the magic of surround sound and at the same time do not have a budget up to several hundred of dollars. These headphones was created especially for them and are do not have competition in that price level. Sound card which is integrated with remote control ensures virtual 5.1 surround sound which guarantee proper positioning of the sound. You will be able to hear every, even the softest sound that can decide of your fail or victory.  High quality sound drivers will surprise you with its strength. Whistle of bullet next to your ear, or deafening explosion shock wave has never sounded so real.

Headphones HX55 is also a guarantee of comfort, which is important especially for those players who spend long hours in the virtual world.  About the above-average ergonomics decide.:

- Adjustable ear cups which allows to fit it for any head

 - Soft ear cups made of artificial leather for comfort without feeling cramped.

- A long tangle-free cable with textile braid makes it invisible and does not interfere in using headphones


GENESIS HX55 are also equipped with a microphone, which is an inherent feature of all gaming headsets. With noise reduction you can be sure that your voice would  be always understood properly what is especially useful for players using voice communication systems in online games.


- Integrated sound card with remote control

- Virtual 5.1 system

- Boom microphone noise reduction

- Soft ear cushions

- Long-resistant textile cord injury | remote control located on the cord.

- USB 2.0


Package Content

- GX55 Headset

- CD with drivers