We invite you for Gamescom 2015


Hundreds of thousands of fans of virtual gameplay, presentations of the latest games, and major manufacturers in the industry. Amid this, Natec Genesis with its new products. This is what Gamescom 2015 will be like.

From 5 to 9 August 2015, Cologne, Germany will become the gaming capital of the world. Just like in previous years, the organizers are expecting a huge number of video game enthusiasts. However, Gamescom is not only meant for entertainment, but also as a place where the largest manufacturers of hardware and games from all over the world meet to show their newest products.

Natec Genesis will also present the latest results of its development. The amount of such results, just like the size of the event, is very impressive. Products to be displayed include the G66 and GX44 gaming mice. First of them is equipped with silent switches, reducing noise to minimum levels, allowing you to play even late at night. The second mouse is a more premium model equipped with an Avago 5050 sensor and OMRON switches, with an estimated lifespan of 5 million clicks.

Presentation of Natec Genesis H59 headset, P65, PV58 and PV59 gamepads will take place during the fair. These peripherals have not yet been shown to a wider audience, and they will expand the manufacturer’s product range as a response to customers’ requirements.

Gamescom, which takes place every year in Cologne, Germany, is one of the largest trade fairs in the world of video games. The previous edition was a great success, gathering up to 335 000 people and more than 30 000 exhibitors. This year, even more gamers are expected, and they will be able to test Natec Genesis products in person.

We invite everyone to visit the Natec Genesis stand, which will be located in Hall 2.1, Stand A012 from 6 to 9 August.

GV44 for gaming enthusiasts

Natec Genesis GV44

The buttons are one of the most important elements in a mouse. In the GV44 comfortable and more importantly durable OMRON micro-switches have been used. Their lifespan is estimated at 5 million clicks. On the side of the mouse you can find 2 additional buttons, making it easier for users to control the game or browse the internet.

Fast DPI changes

The button for quick DPI changes was placed just below the scroll, enabling the player to easily select one of three settings – 1000, 1500 or 2000 DPI. This solution can be extremely useful in case greater precision is quickly needed during the game, for example when aiming a sniper rifle.

Mobility above all

Thanks to wireless technology, the GV44 offers complete freedom within the range of 10 metres. The nano receiver can be permanently installed in USB port, without having to worry about damaging it. The mouse is powered by two AA batteries and depending on the intensity of usage it can work up to several months on a single battery set.

For the left and right handed

You should pay attention to the shape of this mouse – Natec Genesis engineers designed it to grip perfectly in both hands. The manufacturer equipped the GV44 with high quality glides which ensures smooth operation across the surface and offers fast and precise movement.

Design created for gamers

Natec Genesis GV44 is designed specifically for gamers, therefore it attracts potential users not only by specification, but also by its design. Thanks to high quality materials, the mouse will definitely appeal to many electronic entertainment enthusiasts.

Suggested retail price of the product is 59 zł.

An inexpensive headset for gamers

An inexpensive headset for gamers

The H12 headset offers players everything what is necessary and provides an amazing experience in any game. Transducers with a diameter of 40mm and frequency response in the range of 20-20000 Hz ensure a detailed sound while listening to music and watching movies.

Thanks to the microphone mounted on flexible boom, it can be freely adjusted for optimal comfort and voice reception. Noise reduction eliminates all interference, making your voice clear and sharp. No matter whether you want to talk to the players during the game or whether you are using Skype with your family, this headset is a perfect choice for voice communication.

Genesis H12 also offers a unique design and high levels of comfort. Thanks to the big, soft ear-cups and adjustable headband, these headphones will perfectly match the shape and size of your head. This ensures maximum comfort and guarantees no fatigue even during long gaming sessions.

A 2 meter long cable gives you a lot of flexibility when using the headset, and textile cloth wrapping ensures its strength. The volume control on the cable gives the ability to control the audio quickly and without having to change any computer settings. Thanks to the 4-pole 3.5mm headphone jack, H12 is compatible with consoles, smartphones as well as new models of laptops.

The headset will be on sale in mid-December and it will cost 49 PLN.

Natec Genesis accessories in new packaging

Natec Genesis accessories in new packaging

We are pleased to announce that the next delivery of Natec Genesis products, which may soon reach you, will look slightly different. We have changed the look of the packaging and we hope that you will like it as much as we do.

The design of our packaging has changed. Genesis’ graphic designers have worked very hard on a new layout and they tried to make it readable and eye catching. Selective varnish has been used to print the new boxes. As a result, product images are easily distinguishable from the background, creating a feeling of three-dimensionality.

The dominating black colour together with the red accents make the packaging look elegant. They are legible and look pleasing to the eye. This change has been a planned operation which aims at making our products more visible on the shelf and we hope that you will notice them more often when shopping for gaming accessories.

The first products to get the new packaging will be selected types of keyboards and mice.

What do you think about the new design of Natec Genesis accessories? If you think that they lack something, please let us know. We will be very grateful for all ideas and comments about the packaging.

Summary of Dreamhack Master Bucharest 2014

Dreamhack Master Bucharest 2014The 10th edition of DreamHack- the world’s largest LAN party – has ended. Thousands of players from almost all over the world visited the capital of Romania. Fans of e-sports had the opportunity to cheer for their favourites during the event. There were a lot of big emotions involved. Players could win over 120 000 USD, many valuable prizes and WCS points.

For the tenth time, e-sports fans had the opportunity to meet in Bucharest at the biggest LAN party under the name of Dreamhack. The party was full of many events, meetings, numerous competitions and many other attractions which were prepared by the organizers and gaming equipment manufacturers.

Major manufacturers including Asus, HyperX and Mad Catz displayed their products. In the most representative part of the hall, Natec Genesis shown its equipment. “During Dreamhack there were displays of pre-release products, such as the wireless GV44 mouse, the wired GX57 mouse and the H12 gaming headphones. A huge crowd allowed us to see how our products are rated among the players. We would like to thank everyone for their positive feedback and valuable comments regarding our new releases” said Szymon Kazimierski, the representative of Natec Genesis, during the tournament in Bucharest.

In addition to new hardware, gamers had an opportunity to present their highest form in the finals of League of Legends, DOTA 2, Counter-Strike: Global Offensive and HearthStone. Winners received modern gaming accessories, donated inter alia by Natec Genesis, as well as WCS points and cash prizes.

Numerous events, fairs and e-sport events show that this form of entertainment is becoming more and more popular worldwide every year. The same phenomenon is being observed in Poland. A confirmation of this trend is, for example, the last PGA, which brought together a record number of visitors. We hope that the coming years will be equally interesting in terms of events and that e-sport will become even more popular among young gamers.


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