An inexpensive headset for gamers

An inexpensive headset for gamers

The H12 headset offers players everything what is necessary and provides an amazing experience in any game. Transducers with a diameter of 40mm and frequency response in the range of 20-20000 Hz ensure a detailed sound while listening to music and watching movies.

Thanks to the microphone mounted on flexible boom, it can be freely adjusted for optimal comfort and voice reception. Noise reduction eliminates all interference, making your voice clear and sharp. No matter whether you want to talk to the players during the game or whether you are using Skype with your family, this headset is a perfect choice for voice communication.

Genesis H12 also offers a unique design and high levels of comfort. Thanks to the big, soft ear-cups and adjustable headband, these headphones will perfectly match the shape and size of your head. This ensures maximum comfort and guarantees no fatigue even during long gaming sessions.

A 2 meter long cable gives you a lot of flexibility when using the headset, and textile cloth wrapping ensures its strength. The volume control on the cable gives the ability to control the audio quickly and without having to change any computer settings. Thanks to the 4-pole 3.5mm headphone jack, H12 is compatible with consoles, smartphones as well as new models of laptops.

The headset will be on sale in mid-December and it will cost 49 PLN.

Natec Genesis accessories in new packaging

Natec Genesis accessories in new packaging

We are pleased to announce that the next delivery of Natec Genesis products, which may soon reach you, will look slightly different. We have changed the look of the packaging and we hope that you will like it as much as we do.

The design of our packaging has changed. Genesis’ graphic designers have worked very hard on a new layout and they tried to make it readable and eye catching. Selective varnish has been used to print the new boxes. As a result, product images are easily distinguishable from the background, creating a feeling of three-dimensionality.

The dominating black colour together with the red accents make the packaging look elegant. They are legible and look pleasing to the eye. This change has been a planned operation which aims at making our products more visible on the shelf and we hope that you will notice them more often when shopping for gaming accessories.

The first products to get the new packaging will be selected types of keyboards and mice.

What do you think about the new design of Natec Genesis accessories? If you think that they lack something, please let us know. We will be very grateful for all ideas and comments about the packaging.

Summary of Dreamhack Master Bucharest 2014

Dreamhack Master Bucharest 2014The 10th edition of DreamHack- the world’s largest LAN party – has ended. Thousands of players from almost all over the world visited the capital of Romania. Fans of e-sports had the opportunity to cheer for their favourites during the event. There were a lot of big emotions involved. Players could win over 120 000 USD, many valuable prizes and WCS points.

For the tenth time, e-sports fans had the opportunity to meet in Bucharest at the biggest LAN party under the name of Dreamhack. The party was full of many events, meetings, numerous competitions and many other attractions which were prepared by the organizers and gaming equipment manufacturers.

Major manufacturers including Asus, HyperX and Mad Catz displayed their products. In the most representative part of the hall, Natec Genesis shown its equipment. “During Dreamhack there were displays of pre-release products, such as the wireless GV44 mouse, the wired GX57 mouse and the H12 gaming headphones. A huge crowd allowed us to see how our products are rated among the players. We would like to thank everyone for their positive feedback and valuable comments regarding our new releases” said Szymon Kazimierski, the representative of Natec Genesis, during the tournament in Bucharest.

In addition to new hardware, gamers had an opportunity to present their highest form in the finals of League of Legends, DOTA 2, Counter-Strike: Global Offensive and HearthStone. Winners received modern gaming accessories, donated inter alia by Natec Genesis, as well as WCS points and cash prizes.

Numerous events, fairs and e-sport events show that this form of entertainment is becoming more and more popular worldwide every year. The same phenomenon is being observed in Poland. A confirmation of this trend is, for example, the last PGA, which brought together a record number of visitors. We hope that the coming years will be equally interesting in terms of events and that e-sport will become even more popular among young gamers.


Natec Genesis – partner of Dreamhack 2014

Natec Genesis - partner of Dreamhack 2014

Natec Genesis, manufacturer of gaming accessories, will be a partner during this year’s event under the banner of Dreamhack. The convention for players starts in Bucharest on 31 October and will end on 2 November.

During this event, major manufacturers of gaming industry will present its products. Natec Genesis will be a partner of Dreamhack for the third time. This event will be accompanied with a number of tournaments, competitions, presentations and cosplayers. There will be many valuable prizes to win, including keyboards, headphones, gaming mice – all from Natec Genesis.

During the tournament, visitors will be able to personally test the highest models of controllers for games. In addition, they will have a preview of new gaming controllers, including wireless mouse GV44, wired mouse GX57 and H12 gaming headphones, said Malwina Zimny, Product Manager of Natec Genesis.

Dreamhack in Bucharest every year gathers thousands of fans and players who are fighting for high stakes. Top players from the world will fight for valuable WCS points, which guarantee them high place in the ranking and financial rewards. 70000 US Dollars are waiting for the winners of the Dota 2 tournament.

We invite all fans of electronic entertainment to visit stand of our Romanian distributor- PC-Coolers, which will be located next to main stage.

Players, cosplay and a whole bunch of news – what surprised us during PGA?

Players, cosplay and a whole bunch of news - what surprised us during PGA?

Last weekend, the city flooded with a wave of almost 60000 fans of gaming gathered for the Poznań Game Arena fair. They came here to visit stands, view tournaments and cosplayers and attend various talks.

PGA, which took place between 24 and 26 October, was under such a massive siege for the first time. Compared to last year, there were almost eighteen thousand more people – on Saturday during peak hours there were long queues in front of the main entrance.

This year’s edition was not only surprising in terms of numbers of fans and creators of computer games. Almost every day at the fair was full of attractions prepared by organizers and exhibitors especially for the visitors. Each of four huge halls created its own little town where you could take part in numerous tournaments, compete for award, play the latest games or just buy a new game and computer equipment with a big discount.

Many manufacturers of peripherals such as Mad Catz, Natec Genesis, Speedlink, SteelSeries, Cooler Master, Roccat, Tesoro participated in PGA. Each of company allowed its guests to try out their equipment. Enthusiasts of mobile devices could spend long hours testing the Nvidia Shield tablet at the Nvidia stand.

There were also many places for console gamers. They had an opportunity to test Microsoft’s next-gen console – Xbox One. They could also play pre-release versions of Sunset Overdrive and Assassin’s Creed Unity on Xbox One.

Leading game publishers did also not disappoint the crowds. CD Projekt, Gaijin Entertainment, Microsoft, Nintendo, Techland, Ubisoft and Wargaming presented their games. Everybody was able to participate in the game shows of DyingLight, Hellraid, War Thunder and Earthcore: Shattered Elements on the main stage of PGA. The indisputable stars of the exhibition were CD Projekt Red which was tantalizing with a sneak preview of The Witcher III, enriched with a Percival’s concert and Techland with Sniper Elite III: Afrika, presentation of which took a form of…  beating the Guiness’ World Record in longest non-stop gaming by  a Polish gamer – Hubert “Gordon” Blejch.

On Wargaming’s huge stand, we were able to participate in the “Rumble in The West” tournament, in which four excellent teams tackled each other in World of Tanks.  The prizes were worth fighting for- the total prize pool was $50000, half of which was taken by the team “Schoolbus”, which was representing the European server. In addition, there was the Cybersport League final, as well as tournaments in: Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, Warface, War Thunder, Titanfall, Borderlands 2 and Dying Light. Players following technical innovations or showing unusual levels skill were rewarded with cool gadgets at smaller competitions.

Crowds gathering at the stands have positively surprised the exhibitors: “From year to year, we see a substantial increase in interest in gaming in Poland. This year our stands at the fair survived a real siege”- said Cezary Górny, the Managing Director of Entrymedia- the company responsible for marketing of the most famous gamer brands in Poland.

However, Poznań Game Arena is not only an opportunity to play the latest games or participate in tournaments. At every corner and at every booth you could find amazing creations of cosplayers who amazed everyone not only with their ability to impersonate their favourite character but also let the visitors admire the beauty of their handmade costumes. Many of them competed against each other during the Sunday Cosplay Show in which cosplays of League of Legends characters were the most popular among the crowd. People who are planning to create a costume for the next edition of the festival could practice under the eye of experienced cosplayers at the Dremel booth.

Fans of indie games certainly found their heaven in the Zone of Independent Game Creators, where larger and smaller productions were presented by friendly developers not only from Poland, but also from Germany, Denmark, Sweden, Finland and France. There was also retro gaming corner located in the same hall.

People interested not only in playing games but also creating them had the opportunity to take place in interesting talks on the ZTG – GameDev Convention, to which various artists were invited from all over the world.

Poznań Game Arena ended on Sunday around 18:00. A large group of exhibitors from all around the world, interesting talks and a massive crowd of gamers of all ages have proved that the gaming industry in Poland is not only growing rapidly, but also has a lot of potential for players and developers. Let’s hope that this trend will not die out and that the next year’s fair will attract even more interesting people and will have an equally impressive outcome.

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